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PREVIEW: FAU at UTM (University of Tennessee at Martin)
Placed in the Ohio Valley Conference, UT dates back to 1951 - 10 years before FAU was founded. UTM is a little like USF with youth and transfer players sporting their stride. UTM ushered in 9 new players and lost 7 from the 2015-2016 basketball season. FAU will have comparable size all the way down the bench. So what is it going to look like or sound like when you turn on your radio or TV this Tuesday?

I think you might find the speed of these two teams pretty similar. The question that's posed is who is more ready for the game? The answer may be in who has used their practice time before the season more efficientely and effectively. Which team feels more like old hat through knowing one another from seasons past. A learned task, a passion for winning and drive to succeed all come along with good teams.

A redshirted freshman center, the only true center on UTM's team is Nick Detlev. Dedlev stands at 7'2" and was a standout in highschool. How will the transition to college effect him coming from highschool, after a redshirted freshman season last year?

With a lone center that may have endurance issues at hand, the Skyhawk offensive sets will not include too many plays down low while Detlev gets his sealegs under him. When looking at UTM, most of their players will see action for the first time this year as the team develops.

At this point, this early in the season - the bell curve looks like it might be at its max output with momentum and peak performance rolling for both teams. I would venture to guess that with sheer endurance and a strong defense which may stifle any team in the division, the Owls carry that confidence anywhere. With the predictability, reliance and trust most of all, a camraderie and togetherness can bring any team together with Coach mentors at hand.

UTM has won games by an average of 11 points this season. With their six wins, and 2 games lost, their winning percentage is 71%. The Skyhawks are scoring on average 86 points per contest. FAU's Coaches lament that scoring in the 80th percentile in each of it's games will help. The Owls get alot of turnovers from other teams based on the style of defensive play they produce. That never let up attitude and measured play is a hallmark of FAU's basketball team. With the turnovers FAU wins, the more careful they move past the backcourt and get in their offensive set, while parlaying the amoeba style of finding shots at the basket.


From the get go, Owls never let up - find victory on the other side During the first five minutes of the game, FAU increased their lead from 7 points to 10 as the Tigers were just hoping to hold FAU back. The Owls' bench scored 22 points, utilizing substitution, keeping players fresh and giving the quality of support and maintaining a lead from plan to execution. Scoring 20 points underneath the basket, playing amoeba style offense from this writers view point did not make this strictly for the bigs underneath the basket. Guards and forwards were mixing it up too. During the first eight minutes of the contest, FAU were scoring from all parts of the court and there efforts did not go unrewarded. With their pressure defense, and their never let up unselfish play gave them leads in the 2nd half that held for the distance. Despite the fact that the Owls had 8 turnovers in the first half, they scored 7 second chance baskets and 14 points on the fast break. Adonis Filer scored 17 points alone in the first half in 11 minutes of play. At 8:32 in the second half the Owls had a 45 point lead. Frank Booker scored 18 points, Adonis Filer was 5/5 from the free throw line, scored 17 and had 5 rebounds. The final score was 98-64 FAU.
What looks to be a good match-up for Tuesday, the Owls and Bulls face off with similar victories in each of their last two games. 

The Owls were physical and energetic Sunday versus Edward Waters. At times they maintained a 35 point lead and could push for the whole game. I saw no let ups as substitutions were put in place and the rotating bench was a solid option FAU took advantage of.

The Bulls played their last game at home. You can find stats on the game at http://www.fausports.com/ or at http://espn.go.com/. USF played the bench efficiently, and found baskets from the energetic players that were placed at a time when they were needed most.

Stats can paint a picture that supports the play live as well. There is no substitute for actually being at the game, feeling the momentum of each team, hearing the roar of the crowd and watching the expressions on the faces of players and Coaches. 

A stat can report a fact, a thing interpreted by a number and a comparison that helps the players and coaches understand their performance. The Media can disseminate the data to help better understand the circumstances of the teams for the reader.

So, its with those facts that you can see a confluence between these two teams. It comes down to how many fans arrive from Tampa to see their team play. Let us hope for a capasity crowd for the home team and measures of early success indicative of the win over Edward Waters last Sunday. 

The Owls fly high while USF shows some inexperience
Its not easy to distinguish between teams who show early on in games their experience. It comes down to who is willing to leave it all on the court.

FAU's team statistics brought to you by the Media Relations department under the direction of assistant athletic directors, support the how and why teams end up placed in the high or low end of the scoring. Of course stats don't tell the whole story, but tell a a tale that can be pened by the reporter. 

The scoring shows not the domination against a team like Edward Waters but an end distance of 78-62 for the Owls victory at home. Jaiyn Ingram was top scorer with 16 points, 8 boards and was 7 of 9 from the charity stripe in only 25 minutes.

Ronald Delph had 14 points with 11 rebounds. Nick Rutherford dished out 9 assists with 8 points, and coming off the bench Gerdarius Troutman scored 15 points. All players except one scored points for the Bulls.

Moving the ball in the offensive set was key to the Owls 16 assists. Even though FAU had 16 turnovers, the shear minutes the Owls had the ball plus the hustle factor would not be denied. Another factor was the 3 point fieldgoal shooting percentage of 83%.A percentage like that generally means letdowns by the other team.

Jeantel Cylla deserves special mention with 8 points, 5 rebound and 1 bock within 21 minutes on the floor. The Bulls only shot 20% from the three point line. In the first half, the Bulls gathered a 10 point lead, but the swarm defense and the high percentage shooting evened out the numbers by first half's end.

Owls fall to 0-2 in Rainbow classic
November 13, 2016 - - The Owls were given a hard time in Hawaii and fall hopelessly to SIUE (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville). So, as it goes, FAU seem to fall short again, however there is no substitute for accepting a defeat and learning from that experience this early in the season. SIUE now goes to 2-0 in the tournament and has a pretty good shot at winning the match up for the Championship. It was early on that the Owls felt the sting of the Cougars. Going into halftime, the Owls had 16/13 points by way of the bench. This early in the season, you never know how fit you are until you find your wheels against an actual opponent with plenty to give. What is most interesting is the number of fast break opportunities you are given, a new stat counted for this web sites knowledge. In any case, FAU created two of these chances. The Owls withstood 20 points over turnovers and held off a 16 point deficit as SIUE collected it's highest total in the contest. SIUE led 35/40 minutes in the contest and were mostly in control of the affects and highs/lows of this college hoops contest. When the moment was right, the Cougars shot 60% from the 3 point line. Their free throw percentage in the first half was a staggering 90%. For FAU, Gerdarius Troutman knocked down 20 points while Ronald Delph collected 8 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. At 6'0 tall, Delph played in big man shoes and on springs and in the paint played strong man.

PRE-GAME Hawaii, game 3
November 13, 2016 - - Well, it's come down to this - - will the host be treated to a win or will FAU become spoilers. This game may be the toughest challenge yet, however their are glimmers of hope. It's come to this writers attention that a cog in the wheel of Hawaii fouled out last game. If the Owls can manage to avoid fouling, perhaps the Bows can get into foul trouble and we may accelerate the game with a victory. Really this is all conjecture - - however we must never lose hope and continue to look to this young, influentual and gifted team. We must never forget that these Division one athletes are coming into their own, some living away from home for the first time - others making the break away from family and friends looking on to challenges and becoming sturdy men. Yes, they are still young - - so when they come back to tony sub tropical Boca Raton, they will have some folks awaiting them. Coach Curry carries that weight with his players and assistants, to bring them through the tough times and the good. Go FAU, reach for the stars and keep your eyes on the prize.

How I love FAU, let me count the ways
- The great people in Sports Communications and Media Operations, and Coaches
- The great folks in the registrars office, Accounting, Finance and Financial Aid
- Graduate and Undergraduate Operation and their personnel
- MBA, M.D's, BA.s, etc... donors, growth and measured oportunities for the student. Expansion and          opportunities for teachers and personnel plus the fans.
- The drama and Entertainment of the theatre
- Those many things which FAU makes great and that have not been mentioned

Pre-Game: FAU men's hoops will face Texas State in Honolulu
November 11, 2016 - - Like most College Sports Teams, playing at home helps to brings forth winning ways. The Bobcats are 10-4 (2015-2016) at home and include both in-Conference games and out-of Conference games. They are 4-0 with non-Coference opponents. The Bobcats are in a transition phase, bringing in 8 players who will first see action starting tonight facing your FAU Owls. A couple of players you might want to look for are Bobby Conley who went to PBSC and Malijume McRae who comes from Miami, Noorland and St. Petersburg, Florida. Most of the players come from Texas with a smattering from the Southwest. (Louisiana and the like)

Owls come from behind, fall just short of defeating Texas State
November 11, 2016 - - At the beginning of the game with three minutes expired, FAU and Texas were at 4 points apiece. Each team was brand new to this 2016-2017 season. At first blush, Jeantal Cylla knocked down one from the arc, FAU 7-4 with 15 minutes remaining in the first half. Soon the Bobcats evened it up a 7 apiece from a Nijal Peterson 3-pointer. Coach Curry put things in perspective when he spoke of FAU's in scoring average of 50 points a game. He noted that scoring was going to be hard to win with, with that kind of average. In Honolulu, it seemed the Owls were always coming from behind. Once they gained a marginal lead, it apeared like they were getting knocked back down to a tie and losing ground on future possesions. At the half, the Owls had a 2 point lead on the Bobcats. With 19 minutes in regulation left, Nijel Peterson from Texas State threw one in the bucket, score 26-26. The free throw percentage was good on behalf of the Owls. With 9.5 minutes remaining in the game, the Bobcats built a 10 point lead and upon further possesions, FAU and that darn time clock was winding down on the Owls. But the Owls were yet undone. They started chipping away at the 10 point lead. Florida Atlantic was coming from behind, and at the two minute mark the Owls cut the lead to 4 points 52-56. The cats held onto that lead through the remainder of the game. The big contributors for FAU was both William Pfister and Nick Rutherford with 8 points apiece.

Preview: Owls face Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Match-up in Ouahu, HI Tonight
November 13, 2016 - - Like the Owls, SIUE started their season with a loss in an exhibition tilt with McKendree University several night's ago. SIUE played well, they were able to score at least 80 points and had that same concern the Owls have with scoring enough points to seal more wins. Noah Allen from the Cougars poured in 21 points, while Keenan Simmons collect 13 off the boards. Besides the fact that the Cougars scored 20 points off of turnovers, that extra push late in the game that can put you on top for good, was not in the plans for Southern Illinois. FAU will face the Cougars today in what promises to be parralel issues when it comes to scoring points at will.



Garnering first place in Conference USA, the Owls hosted Eastern Carolina University on Wednesday – the Third of December 2014. As the lines in the sand grew to clarity, first year Head Coach Michael Curry takes his team with fluid jumpers, backboard pounders and swarming defenses to the hardwood, the impact of which is unmistakably the next level. Let us all revel in the stands where we take our rightful place, as FAU scores a 3-0 record at home!

Several players are introducing themselves for the first time to the Owls. First year’s accomplishments, Guard Justin Massey scored 17 alone for Florida Atlantic within 39 minutes, while C.J Thurman knocked down 14. The two undergraduates take their rightful place with one of the Anchor’s of this team, Justin Raffington. With 5 defensive rebounds and nine points in 31 minutes, Raffington has the ability to strategize for what is needed at a moment’s notice.


 It’s not all up to one person, as Coach Curry has a host of Assistant Coaches who can problem solve and make use of what the players have to give on a particular night. D’Andre Johnson had a nice night as one of the floor generals, and scored 7 points in 17 minutes. The game was decided in the second half of this contest. Despite the fact that ECU was down 12 points at the half, and scored three points more in the final tally of the second half, it was a no budge for the fighting Owls at their burrow. Not to mention Marquan Botly’s 15 points and six assists, the leading floor general takes his turn again this year with a stable delivery and well rounded game.


(Morry Gash/AP)  FAU coach Michael Curry


Head Coach Michael Curry of the Florida Atlantic University Owls comes from a glittering background in the NBA, CBA, International League and others as a Head Coach, Operations Director, Association Vice President, and player and personal Manager. When you look at his statistics and ascendance in the game, it’s clear that he is a bright shooting star.


At 6’5”, Curry, a guard – served for several teams as player and Coach. Maybe his most prolific experience came out of the Motor City of Detroit as player and Coach. With his 11 year career as teammate in the NBA, Curry has crossed the stepping stones necessary to overcome any challenge from teams and Organizations Worldwide. Head Athletic Director Patrick Chun of Florida Atlantic notes that he (Chun) has done his homework on Coach Michael Curry. The Executive mentioned that Curry, "literally has a Ph.D. in basketball."


Curry also served as the D-League Vice President of Player Development which adds to his lofty experience in Business and Playing roles at the highest levels of the game.  "Michael is widely respected by teams and players in both the NBA and the D-League for his knowledge of the game and his leadership qualities," expressed Joel Litvin, NBA President, League and Basketball Operations in August 10, 2006.


Within the span of 4 years, Curry held the position as President of the National Basketball Players Association, ending in 2004. Looking at this write-up, you wonder how Michael had the time to achieve so much, including his Master’s degree at VCU in Sports Management. Truth be told, Curry is a high achiever in the classroom as well, and has no problem reading a balance sheet or understanding the intricacies of compound interest, Profit and loss, and income statements all with his degree in Finance at Georgia Southern.


Game Day, Select images from FAU vs Tulsa
9/4/2014 - - Yesterday's practice was quite hot. Today, the Sun let up and rained a little, giving the young men another opportunity to have fun, I'm sure. The format of the practice is quite complex, yet at times - you just catch-up with the plays at hand and ride the wave of clashes, crunches, and all out sprints. Each student/athlete in this Charlie Partridge team shows you how attuned coaches who are ready to meet any challenged set before them a possibility. Don't be surprised if you start to see glimpses of competition which are quite snappy between the two teams.
Like it's been said, "Any given day", one team or player can defeat another. Watch the Alabama game this Saturday and you might just see some jaw dropping hits on the defensive side of the ball. Watch the soaring kicks by freshman kicker Landon Sheer, much like you see in an FAU Football practice. Catch the excitement of a Jaquez Johnson pass or run while he lights up the scoreboards. Yes, it is a big task to ask for such wonderful things - but of course this is all conjecture without hearing the pump up speech before and at the half.
Catching up with the 2014 Fau Owls Football team is not going to be a breeze for the Crimson Tide two days from today. Identify your favorite players and Cheer them on, show them your Owl Pride. Maybe you want to catchup with your team when they get back from Alabama, practice will be waiting at 9:45pm Tuesday - thursday, or visit the home team at http://www.fausports.com/

FAU Football Practice 9-3-14
Media releases events for this week
05/19/2014 - - Head Football Coach Charlie Partridge visits Bokampers, a Kick - Off event in Plantation, Florida. The event will take place 5:30 - 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, May 21st. The address for Bokampers is 1280 South Pine Island Road, Plantation, Florida 33324.
Chatting with Danielle Aromashodo will take place this Wednesday, May 21st on WINZ Radio from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Her fourth year as NCAA Champion, Aromashodu ranks 29th Nationally, and will compete in the 400 meter hurdles in June. For more information, please contact spagan5@fau.edu/ or (561) 297-0024.

Hometown Head Coach John McCormack, collects his 200th

05/18/2014 - - The results of this home stand for the Owls were 2 games to 1 in the loss column for the UAB Dragons. On Friday and Saturday, with a double-header on Friday equalling 2 more in the win column for Florida Atlantic. The Friday sweep authored by the Owls left an open spot where the Dragons secured a second place finish,with the win on Saturday to lock a #2 seed in the Regional tournament scheduled next week in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Opening up this Weekend was a milestone reached for Head Coach John McCormack.  A measure of Stability, consistency and care for his players, was where McCormack collected his 200th victory upon modest ways.  With the confidence and  Professionalim McCormack displays on the field and all the hardwork, this hallmark victory has bestowed upon him with honor for a hometown boy makes good in his own stomping grounds, Boca Raton, Florida.


4/26/2014 - - Throughout the game, FAU appeared to be tightening their defense as evidenced by 12 Pitchouts. Kevin Abraham had catching duties for the day and went 2 for 4 in the batters box. FAU scored two runs in the first and the 8th innings respectively, capturing the win against East Carolina University.


The Pirates scored in each of the first two innings (a run apiece). The other run crossed the plate in the fourth inning. From the fourth inning on, ECU always held the lead. Clutch hitting by Tyler Rocklein plated Sanger who originally had walked, then took second base on a wild pitch, and came home in succesion with a triple from Rocklein.


We might consider this a low scoring game, maybe a pitchers duel if you will. FAU’s own Austin Gomber and Kevin Alexander (with thew win) 4-1; threw for seven and two innings respectively. Gomber sat down seven at the plate while closer Alexander pitched two strikeouts in two innings of work.

4/22/2014 - - After losing the first game of this three game set, FAU put a charge in their bats to take the final two games, claiming victory in Homestead against the FIU Golden Panthers. This year is a whole different set, as Coach John McCormack tinkers with the lineup and motivates his kids with wisdom and great instincts. Their is a clear line demarcating what a team may do for their Coach in any type of situation. It's not hard to see that if the team beleives in the Coach utilizing his day to day assembly of players, only good things can come out of that. 
Stephan Kerr went 2-4 with two RBI. CJK Chatham went 2-5 while Brian Sanger and Tyler Rockein each had two hits apiece. Sanger was also mentioned as Student Athlete of the week along with Levi Meyer took home the Student athlete of the year award with Kimberly Smith.

Owls Fly by night to victories Calling

During the first two innings of this tilt, no player came across the plate for a score. Pitcher Austin Gomber was playing solid pitch and  catch, offering few opportunities to Charlotte.


 It was that third inning where Charlotte struck first. They plated two for a 2-0 lead. Some of the reason FAU could not plate a run in the first two was due to Owls left on base. In the second, The Owls left three on base and were not capitalizing on several opportunities.


It wasn’t until the fifth and sixth inninings that FAU started to score on their opportunities. The Owls took advantage of two errors in each of those inning, and were rallying the way baseball teams do.


As long as I can remember, the Owls have had efficient and productive run scorers, and If you look at the history of the FAU baseball teams, they never dissapoint with great entertainment. The scoreline, and several factors including the bull pen, was a clear indication that this game was  a pitchers duel.


Austin Gomber pitched 7 innings and Bo Logan got the win with stellar releif duties. In the bottom of the ninth inning, the Owls were at it again, utilizing their confidence and positive reinforcement performance. They scored on an unearned run in the bottom of the ninth and which was followed by  a rush of players onto the field in congratulations for the win.    


November 13, 2013 - - The Owls and Terriers got off to a scrambling start, alternating possessions four times before FAU scored their initial field goal. Around the perimeter, the terriers could not take advantage of the full space around the half court, as FAU would dominate defensivley in the first half. Under the basket, 7'0” Dragan Sekelga, had looks around the basket with double teams in the paint.

No matter, Sekelga made use of his game, controlling pass and in the paint while putting in yoemans efforts, with 21 points and 12 rebounds. The greenery around his game gives hopes to a team still in the growth phase. The Owls were 1/8 in three pointers made, and it seemed that at times had more game than St. Francis.

Like the first drawings of the game, each team had fast heats down court with some tired looks. Pablo Bertoni for the Owls played all but 2 minutes this night. And like a College player who goes Pro and hits the Wall halfway through the season, this element is at times can be overlooked in the College Game. 

Perhaps you can say that its the beginning of the season, and we can make an analogy that players might be just getting over the hump of a full 40 minute game. 

Dragan Sekelja filled up the bucket and had two dunks to boot. Leading in 5 spots, Ex. Points, Rebounds, and shooting percentage, other starters were knocking down jumpers alike, as was Senior Pablo Bertoni who put up some nice numbers as did those who spent several minutes on the floor.

10/13/2013 - With the battle just underway, and on the very first play from scrimmage, Marshall's surehanded Quarterback Rakeem Cato threw an interception intended for the tight end. With the interception, speedy and surehanded D'Joun Smith, put the Owls in a advantageous position with his scamper nearing the redzone. 
With the Ball on the Herd side, several incomplete passes brought them a fourth down - which led Marshall's Tyler Williams to crush a 58 yard punt for a touchback. As the Owls drew up their plays, ten were meted out with a net 28 yards, which did not clear a space for a field goal. With pre-game anticipation, the climate was a red hot - and the Owls were chomping at the bit to get something going. The way that Coach Pelini explained it, para. "the players were flying around". (meaning. the defense was tackling and flying around to catch and stop forward progress.) At the end of the first quarter, both teams were scoreless.
By half-time each team had scored. One for the Owls Mitch Anderson from the 26 yard line - and the other - a 77 yard touchdown run for Marshall. FAU's time of possession at halftime was 10:22 while Marshall had the ball 4:08 minutes. Even though the Herd had more work on defense, keeping their men to defend the offense was a balancing act. So then posession of the ball can or cannot be a factor.
The 3rd quarter moved the time foreward quickly. While the two combatents were in a rush to score again and again for their team, incompletions and stunted runs were the norm, while FAU was trying to build on their own . With under a minute to go in the fourth quarter the Herd scored on the two minute drill followed up with the sweet swing of the leg crossing the path to glory for the split of the uprights. With a two point margin, the herd snuck away in the slimmest of margins.

10/09/2013 - - This Saturday’s game from Boca Raton will include the Florida Atlantic University Owls and the Thundering Herd of Marshall University, 5:05 game time - and for tickets you may call 1-866-FAU-OWLS. According to Marshall, their team is coming together quite nicely. When the offense feeds off the defense and the defense feeds off of the Offense, 
http://www.herdzone.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/100913aab.html) you have a symbiotic relationship between one group and the other group. The Herd believes that this mix is coming together game by game, and on the Practice field.

With the Owls coming off a nice win versus UAB, we can look first to the rushing and receiving pair of Jonathan Wallace and William Dukes who put together 177 and 56 yards on the UAB Gridiron. Your field General Jacques Johnson, threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns. Not to mention garnering conference player of the week, while only a Sophomore. The Coach and Coaching Staff have done a great service to the team, recruiting and refining each player under the tutelage of Coaches, and under the direction of 2nd year Head Football Coach, Carl Pelini.


On Monday, Coach Pelini re-iterate the sentiment of the Marshall University Coaches. Being as one, or Togetherness from the FAU squad is a big advantage, and the fact that most players are here in Florida is of great benefit to most players, which end up enjoying year round Football under sunny skies, and a familiarity with Prospects coming from the various schools in the state. See here Coach Pelini's comments: http://www.fausports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/100813aaa.html.


For UAB, an interesting note is that FAU converted the one and only 4th down they had, which eventually led to a touchdown. The herd was 0-1 on fourth down attempts while Gross rushing yards from FAU's offense, was 280 yards, which contrasts the 21 attempts over 51 yards for UAB. If you could use this as a reminder that when all is said and done, both teams get to be students once again, taking up their classes and homework responsibilities. Whether it's in the film room, studying over the clock times - or being inquisitive, there is always room for growth - both student and teacher.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - - Interconference match-ups like this one had a lot going into the balance, with FAU's winning a game in the early beginnings of the season, our hopes matched up with another Owls team of Texas' Rice University quite nicely. A College Football team need have six season wins to go to a Bowl game. Re-itterating what Athletic Director Pat Chun said, that (paraphrase) "we'd like to have a bowl game as well as having FAU participating in another bowl game outside of the Boca Raton confines, therby doubling up on exposure of this (c.2001) Football program with already two Bowl Championships to their credit.

6:30 PM 9/20/2013 - Plenty can be said of this matchup between interconference foes. This nascent rivalry will play under the Conference-USA(C-USA) while on a sidenote, the game is available on CSS TV 11AM EST and ESPN Radio. Please visit http://fausports.com/ for a finer detail and breakdown by the numbers.


You may also find choc-full of pregame notes and a Q&A with the Head Coach and Players of MTSU while going to https://GoBlueRaiders.com/. The Blue Raiders mention the FAU Defense, and how strong they are on the defensive side of the ball. Several complimentary things are said in the Football section of their website.

Now what do we need to know about this matchup?

  1. For FAU, why this game is so important, is because the Owls will Christen the ship on a first game in (Conference-USA) C-USA, Saturday 9/21/2013, gametime 12:00PM EST.

  2. We need to know, FAU has several players on each side of the ball that are quite fast.

  3. Young FAU (c.2002) pushed back the highley regarded USF offense and nailed down a victory in their last game at Tampa.

  4. Furthermore, MTSU mentions that they will have to play 60 Min. of Football which means no rest for the weary, and may mean that the Owls are fast all over and could give MTSU fits.

  5. Side Note – MTSU asks it's players to hydrate the day before of the game with plenty of water knowing South Florida is still a little hot, and because it's the smart thing to do.

Football Scrimmage at FAU on 8/17/2013
FAU Football Schedule
08/30/13 @Miami Sun Life Std, Miami, FL 8PM EST
09/05/13 @E. Carolina Greenville,NC Dowdy Ficn. Std. Dowdy Stadium 730PM EST
09/14/13 @USF Tampa, FL RaymondJames 7PM EST
09/21/13 MTSU Boca Raton, Fl FAU Stadium 12PM EST
09/28/13 @Rice Houston, TX Rice Stadium TBA
10/05/13 @UAB Birm., Alabama Legion Field TBA
10/12/13 Marshall Boca Raton,Fl FAU Stadium 5PM EST
10/26/13 @Auburn, Al Auburn, AL Jordan Hare Std. TBA
11/02/13 Tulane Boca Raton, Fl FAU Stadium TBA
11/16/13 @SMU Hattiesburg,MS M.M. Roberts U. 1230PM EST
11/23/13 NewMexState BocaRaton,Fl FAU Stadium TBA
11/29/13 FIU Boca Raton, Fl FAU Stadium TBA
12/07/13 C-USA Championship Game TBA


jULY 10, 2013 -  

Athletic Director Patrick Chun started off the discussion saying it was a fun year, with the finishing of the baseball team Championship, and a strong effort by the men in pinstripes.


The North Carolina and FAU baseball teams were trending on twitter, and it was the #1 trending item on twitter that day. The home field advantage ended up going to North Carolina, and it was a tight matchup, which finished in the the ninth inning.


Chun started the discussion with Marketing "We are looking into the single ticket options and looking at a strong field of name brands out there in the C-USA conference." Chun mentioned that there is logistics and a fee by moving into a new conference and other things that are involved going to a new conference. Later Chun went on to say "Football guides your program and is something very important to look at."


Further, he mentioned about the great staff that he has and that he was helping by taking some time for healing before the change. We're focused on growing the Football product. About the offseason, Chun mentioned that he sees all the preparation that goes into the offseason. Chun mentioned, having patience as well. Chun went on to say with all things being equal, FAU would like to host a bowl game, therby getting the FAU brand and possibly have the Owls play their own Bowl game elsewhere, magnifying the Double exposure FAU could benefit from.




April 7, 2013 - - The new season has come and the old season has gone. Were talking Basketball and Baseball, Softball and the seasons of Soccer and Track/Field. We're already into the half season of baseball, and Coach McCormack and his players of wonder have been barnstorming there visits to places North – South – East and West.

2013 brings Owls baseball to 21-10 Overall, 8-3 In-Conference play, 14-6 at Home, 6-3 away and 1-1 at a neutral site. Just last week, we heard on base percentage for the Owls was twice more of previous stats on the winning side. Team hard ball next meets MTSU on the 12th of April and will play throughout the weekend. Of late, the Owls were on an eight game winning streak.

McCormack has this knack of winning, going the way of Sun-Belt Conference Championships nearly each year he has been Head Coach. There is no mistake when you take into account this man, made for the job of winning – and something perhaps that can be learned for this eying ahead of the rest of the pack, and playing fantastic games that the fan can be enriched by.


What all of us can learn about Success and Achievement from our Sports hero's today January 7, 2013 - Let us first start with former Running Back and FAU Alum Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins. In his first year with Washington, he rushed for over 1,650 yards and received a number of awards for his accomplishments. Morris is commited to 100% success. His practice principles include not cutting corners, albeit to get away from the opponents secondary. He communicate's in an effective and assertive manner. His patience does not deride, and his running manner is consistent with those acheiving success before him.
It's not as if Morris just got into the game. Take his four years of success in the Collegiate ranks, along with Highschool and Youth ball. In addition you can add to that, the Howard Schnelenberger effect, a man who has proved himself in College and the Pro's. With a watchful eye, Howard made each of his teams bespeak of unification and camraderie.
Rusty Smith, the commander of FAU Football, was exceedingly commited to his game and that of his players. If you can find a way to understand what it means to be commited to the Football team, imagine yourself going onto the practice field one to three times a day to work out in the oft Sunny South Florida weather. Several of Rusty's players entered the NFL as connections points of Rusty Smith and his game of high flyers. Guys like Lestar Jean, Jason Harmon, Willy Rose and Rob Housler fought their way onto NFL teams. Today Rusty plays for the Tennessee Titans.    

1/22/2013 -  Just looking at the box score, it's clear the distribution of points scored by FAU was more prolific than it's opponent. North Texas had three scorers in doubles. Alexis Hyder (19), BreAnna Dawkins (16) and Loryn Goodwin for (25).

On the other side of the court, FAU scored in double figures with Chenise Miller (22), just under doubles with Kimberly Smith (9) and (17) from Senior Brianna Turner. Others for FAU who scored include Latavia Dempsey with (9) Morgan Robinson with (7) and Ashley Stevenson with (7).




North Texas, 7-11, 6-3 in Conference received some points in drips and drabs, but not necessarily from one particular source. At the half, UNT was down by 10 and came out after the break working on all cylinders.




UNT for the game shot at 40% while in the first half shot 35%. FAU, for the game shot at 44%. The Mean Green three point conversion rate was 30%, and UNT scored 23% from the arc.




FAU was responsible for pulling down 52 rebounds with the lion share going on the defense side. An outstanding number of rebounds went to UNT as well with 35 total and 27 came on the defensive side. What this means is that the Owls received 10 more possesions to score with than the Mean Green.




Both teams scored in the 60% percentile for Free throws. FAU closed the game with a twelve point margin.


Today, the Big three go to work and bring the FAU Proud to their feet 
December 9, 2012 - While three Owls scored in double figures, the Royals did not place a member of their team above eight points. If any other statistic was indicative of FAU's dominance, its this, their margin of 33 points by the end of the game and their strong shooting percentage. The three in double figures were Greg Gantt (19), Pablo Bertone (13), and Stefan Moody with 18.
The three charted 50 points or 40% of the scoring alone. The game itself was quite riveting. With jumpers on either side or strong moves by Stefan Moodie into the middle of the action, it was FAU who was asserting their game of consistency and defensive prowess. With six blocks and six steals, opening up the floor like Moses who made a path through the sea was plain to see that the silver lining was growing in leaps and bounds.
To date, FAU has a 4-0 record against the Royals. FAU is 5-4 on this young season, while WUM is 6-5 in the Sun Conference. This Sunday for the Owls came off a streak of three wins, the latest against Stetson. In that game versus Stetson, and thanks to the FAU Media machine, (http://fausports.com/) Greg Gantt garnered a 34 point career high.

A look back to the Owls season ending game, with a glance into the future 
December 1, 2012 - After coming out of the box with 14 points in the first quarter, FAU was charging to hopeful glory upon the clocks tic on zero during the conclusion of a fourth quarter wish. But, as soon as the Owls settled down, Louisiana charged back with equal steam and additional scores. Going into the half with a one touchdown lead, the Cajuns lit up the boards at the end of this magical match-up.

Graham Wilbert nearly eclipsed the yards passing per game record with 379 in the air, with two touchdowns and two interceptions. On the other end of those tosses was William Dukes with his cadre of wide outs and catches for 204 yards. "Too many costly errors, too many turnovers and mistakes" - Carl Pelini, Head Coach, FAU Football.
The miscues began to abound, and cast a shadow on this nascent christening of Florida Atlantic Stadium, c.2012. In it's very first year we saw magnificence, magic and glorious football the way it's supposed to be played. Continue...

FAU pulls down victory vs. Troy in Boca Raton


10/27/2012 - - FAU came out of the tunnel full of fire and brimstone. They won the toss and differed to Troy who received the ball first. The result of the kickoff was a touch back from a booming kick off the foot of Sean Kelly.



FAU, arrived with a strong charge and shut down the running game of Troy. In the next series, Troy was unable to capitalize and were forced to punt for the first time in the game. In particular, Troy used an illegal formation, and FAU received an additional five yard penalty and threw for the first touchdown of the game. Graham Wilbert connected with Nexun Dorvillus in the back of the end zone. 7-0 Owls. Read further...




October 30, 2012 - - The Owls were nearly neck and neck through the final statistics. This might indicate other factors reflecting the final count.
Maybe you can look at penalties, which were 8-61 yards against the Owls.
These are instances of stopping momentum by either reversing your forward progress, or Defensively, moving an opponent further from his previous field space in a positive direction by the defense 
UNT passed for 251 yards, while FAU threw for 142. FAU QB Graham Wilbert threw two interception to one for the Mean Green. FAU turned the ball over yet again, and when the defeat comes creeping into your mind, it can be real hard to take.
Damian Fortner once again had stellar rushing numbers for FAU. Fortner was 17 for sixty three yards and one touchdown. Byron Hankerson showed up once again at his Wide Receiver spot, Going 4 for 36, while game standout William Dukes went 6-62 for the receiving Corps.
Your third down conversion rate can be found here:
For the sake of research, FAU had a third down conversion rate of 3 for 14 while the Mean Green scored 8 of 17. FAU went 0-3 on 4th down conversion while North Texas did not attempt a fourth down and yardage. It’s clear from these stats that FAU could not control their side of the ball as well UNT.
The Owls had two sustained drive which resulted in scores. Meanwhile, UNT had four sustained drives producing numbers on the board.
The hookup between Derick Thompson, the UNT QB and Brelan Chancellor went 6 for 135 yards and one touchdown.

FAU Owls Home vs North Texas Sept 29, 2012
This is the 1st season of the FAU Owls new Stadium, and what a great Grand stand; bright, cheerful and Fresh.This Stadium is the only one in the country where you can actually see the Atlantic Ocean From the reporters box. The Owls have prestige and they just need knuckle.

The Game starts with great cheer and vigor.

The Owls team is relatively new and and with a new coaching system. And it takes a while for the poured steel to harden.
Both teams took a stand your ground Defense and played with a lot force.
The break in the Owls Defense came when north Texas scored in the 1st Quarter and that’s when the owls started Slipping up and giving North Texas several turnovers.


North Texas Scored again and at the half the score was North Texas-14 and FAU Owls- 0


There’s nothing like a half time break when your losing to freshen up and recharge.

It seems like the Owls need underdog mentality to barrel thru to the goal.
They have the talent, it just needs to be harnessed and used in the beginning of the Game to jump start the
leed and let the defense do their job. Well any football coach will tell you It doesn't always happen that way.


What does it take to get an early jump start? Good plays, good coaching a good strong fan filled stadium. The owls cannot afford to have the same stats as last year with one game won. This is not an option.

The fans have to rally behind our Owls and let them know they are excited and optimistic.
At this point, North Texas scored 2 touchdowns in the first half of the game to the Owls -0
The Owls scored soon after the 3rd quarter started and in the beginning of the 4th Quarter the battle was on.
There some unusual calls by the referees which caused a sweep of chatter in the crowds.
Coach Pelini said “we have to manage the game better and it feels the game was given away.”


After the Game One of the fans quoted “the owls need an Impact Player”


There are still enough games left this season to show what The Owls are made of.

Keeping you posted on FAU OWLS GAMES

GO Owls GO.

Reporter Elise Jackson


UNT matches up Football in Boca Raton, Owls to fly High 
September 29, 2012 - - The University of North Texas Mean Green visits tonight at 5PM EST versus the FAU Owls of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Derek Thompson for UNT has thrown for over 700 yards, while Antoine Jimmerson has rushed for over three hundred yards in 47 carries.The Mean Green are prolific at the Running Back spot with three other backs who have combined for 100 carries and 500 yards. Read Further...

FAU savors victory in game one of Pelini Coaching and Leadership
8/31/2012 - - After winning the coin toss, FAU elected to receive the ball from the south side end zone. Travis Jones caught the kickoff in the Owls end zone and took it out to the 35 yard line, followed by a Stephen Curtis keeper on the first possession of the game.


From scrimmage, Curtis rushed one up the field for a four yard gain. On the day, Curtis ran the ball on 7 occasions for 26 yards for an average of 3.7 yards per carry. Read on...


MTSU Blue Raiders come out victorious against FAU Football 2012 
9/8/2012 - - Was Graham Wilbert meant to win this game? Certainly from the start, Wilbert was connecting with his receivers early. In addition he had a few scampers to boot. Wilbert ran eight times for 19 yards. On the night, he was 25 of 32 for 260 yards in the air.


On offense, Running Back Damian Fortner rushed 13 times for 42 yards. As a team, game rushing totals were 28 for 96 yards. On the scoring end, with 6:02 remaining in the fourth quarter, Vinny Zaccario booted a field goal from 39 yards out. Read on...


courtesy http://fausports.com/
FAU hires Patrick Chun, Director of Athletics for Florida Atlantic University
July 3, 2012 - Patrick Chun has been named Director of Athletics at Florida Atlantic University this July, 2012. His bevy of experience at the Ohio State University and Duquesne broadens the reach of influence for Florida Atlantic.



Helping to build a new stadium, FAU President Mary Jane Saunders reached out to give FAU a boost up with the selection of this young and rising star.


An alum of the Ohio State University and Duquesne where he received his Masters in Sports Administration, and his undergraduate in Journalism make him Boca Raton's and South Florida's best choice for the young program at FAU, established since 1961. Ohio State alone has 36 Sports, where he held numerous positions in their Department of Athletics. Read on...

Steve LeBrun, FAU Hall of Famer qualifies for cut at 112th US Open Golf Championship
June 17, 2012 - Member of FAU's Hall of Fame, Steve LeBrun is on a relentless quest, with a strong belief in himself, his career and his family, while everything is coming together on the PGA National Tour. LeBrun, thirty years of age has quite a resume of Championships he earned on a variety of fields of play Worldwide.


You may find his personal website here http://www.stevelebrun.com/home and original story here http://fausports.com/.


Talk about relentless, LeBrun made the cut this week at the Olympic Club in San Fransisco, California by a solid one stroke. His scores at the Olympic have been 73-75-69...



In 2000, he was named rookie of the year, and was three for five on the Montgomery Sports Tour. He was entered at the PGA Professional-Q School in Pensacola. His Professional career spans over 12 years.


This Sunday, watch the festivities on the Golf Channel via NBC.


MLB picks FAU RHP R.J. Alvarez in third round, to go to LA Angels of Anaheim

Junior RHP R.J. Alvarez gets rewarded for his three year Yeoman's effort on the hill at Florida Atlantic University.

Each year at FAU, R.J. helped produce winning seasons for the Owls. Every season's efforts, can be in no small part dedicated to his work, while being given the award from the American Baseball Coaches Association and All-South Central Region award.


In the draft, he was selected 114'th overall, putting a stamp on the career with great High School to college cross-over transitions by Head Coach John McCormack.


Each year R.J. started, he was remarkably proficient and efficient in handling his duties as a reliever or starter. Every year combined, with his average fielding percentage of.757%, cannot be overlooked, and shows great support coming from a ninth fielder.


With five wins to zero losses, R.J. Continued to show his stability and reliability for Coaches to rely on at Florida Atlantic. His percentage for players caught stealing was .526%.


In May, Alvarez was awarded with the All Sun-Belt conference honors with four of his other teammates.

Male Sporting Behavior award goes to Senior long distance runner Ryan Davis
May 29, 2012 - - Senior Cross Country Student Athlete Ryan Davis proves not only his mettle on the field and in the classroom, but solidifies his giving ways with social grace to appreciative Head Track and Field Coach Alex Smolka.
On April 11, 2012, Davis picked up another award for Sportsmanship. Coach Smolka stated "Ryan is a team leader who primarily leads by example. He is an extremely hard worker and is a delight to have on the team."
Davis not only takes on his duties with the Cross Country team, but also has the responsibility of a Chemistry student/athlete instructor for the Lab portion of the four credit class. With a 3.89 GPA, Ryan is on the right track to go on and study further. See youtube video here --->

Kellie Lewis-Jay, today announced as Head Womens Basketball Coach
A rundown, a compilation of the Football story thus far under Head Coach Carl Pelini 
April 19, 2012 - - Looking back through Spring practice, the best from the Owls brought forth Hallmarks along the way. This writing is a compilation, and all thanks go to Assistant Athletic Director Katrina McCormack, reporting from the field each day, with Staff. Read on...


Pro Day for Scouts and players for the NFL draft 2012

March 19th, 2012 - - The day started eventfully with the 40 yard dash, and finished up with blocking drills. Haven spoken with two Miami Dolphin scouts, emphasis was placed on the Combine with players needing to stay in shape for the upcoming NFL Draft.


There were several players at Pro Day, representing the best FAU had to offer on the field. Standout Running Back Alfred Morris was a highlight. Morris is the leading rusher of all time in Owls history. He praised and paid homage to his predecessors, including Charles St. Pierre and other top rushers in FAU history.


Not only did Morris play offense, he was also responsible for 10 tackles on special teams last season. With his accumulated 3,529 total rushing yards, 27 touchdowns and all-purpose yards of 3,843, Morris has proved to be the best in tough times, even with last season’s 1-11 record.


Nine total players participated in Pro day for 2012. Defensive End Kevin Cyrille showed that he was not only speedy for a defenseman, but agile and quick on his feet. Tight end Darian Williams was sure handed and could adjust his body to the sidelines inbound with his toes. Offensive lineman Sam McCroy, Defensive back Marcus Bartels and Running back Willie Floyd were in fine form and scored high in several categories.


These categories were flexibility, speed, and agility, jumping and lifting.


Marcus Bartels was his usual intense self and his commitment to the game is immeasurable. He is one who epitomizes professionalism, practice and winning.


Avionne Rolle posted 4.84 in the forty yard dash, 29 inches on the vertical jump and 23 lifts in the bench press.


Ultimately, any results posted were a mere measure of physicality. According to former FAU head coach Howard Schnellenberger, desire is the key to any successful endeavor.  

Today is the FAU Combine for Football players, see report today

* Home Games      

# Interconference Games(Sun-Belt)


August 31, 2012 vs Wagner College*
September 8, 2012 vs MTSU#
September 15, 2012 vs Georgia
September 22, 2012 vs Alabama
September 29, 2012 vs North Texas*#
October 13, 2012 vs ULM#
October 20, 2012 vs South Alabama#
October 27, 2012 vs Troy*#
November 3, 2012 vs Navy
November 10, 2012 vs WKU#
November 16, 2012 vs FIU#
December 1, 2012 vs ULL#

FAU Football Coach Carl Pelini and the FAU Combine 
With Coach Carl Pelini hired on the 5th of December, 2011 – FAU brings in a new mission control with the likes of the University of Nebraska Defensive Coordinator since 2008. Pelini garnered the #1 ranking Defense in the Nation for the Cornhuskers last season.
Noted Athletic Director Craig Angelos of FAU, said, “ After a lengthy span of interviewing, evaluation and in-person meetings, I strongly believe that Carl brings the most to FAU. His experience, organization, discipline, passion, recruiting and accomplishments will lead the Owls to the next level. With the addition of our beautiful new stadium, and the fertile recruiting area that exists in South Florida, I firmly believe that Carl will make FAU a national contender very soon.”


Former Football Coach Tom Osbourne and Athletic Director at the University of Nebraska said “Carl Pelini has done a fine job working with our defense here at Nebraska. Our defense made excellent improvement in his first year as defensive Coordinator, and over the past three years we have been among the nations best defenses. Carl is a very intelligent coach, is detail oriented and with his Coaching experience, I believe he is ready to take the next step as a college head coach. We wish him well at Florida Atlantic.”


This Monday, the 19th of March will bring the first practice in the afternoon as a a definitive and complete Team Unit. In the Morning, the NFL will come to scout some of the brightest and best talent the Owls have given on the field since last years combine event. The scouts come in at 9am to evaluate players and will be hosted by the University on the Main Campus in Boca Raton.


The following practice will Wednesday the 21st and to keep apprised of the events, follow http://fausports.com/.

FAU finds Victory despite coming from behind most of the Game
Saturday, February 11, 2012 - - From the looks of things early on and until after the double overtime, the Owls were struggling from the three point line and were turning the ball over at an alarming rate. At one point, FAU was shooting 1/8 around the arc, and were tinkering with the line-up in order to create a unique fit, designed specifically for the Mean Green of North Texas. Read on...

Lady Owls close in on another Victory at the Burrow
Saturday, February 11, 2012 - - With two Mean Green Lady scorer shutouts, FAU could afford to play their bench liberally while teaching each what is was like having significant minutes on the floor. Read on...______________________________________________________________________________________

FAU Softball led UK going into the 7th as Wright State gets toppled by the Lady Owls

It was no mistake that right out of the blocks, the University of Kentucky Center fielder Emily Joiner placed a towering shot over the left field fence that may have had the distance to go over the fence in a Major League ball park. Read on...



Saturday, February 5, 2012 - - Coming right out of the blocks was Terri Stamps who found an opening along the right side of the court for a layup. Her command and confidence with the ball shows us this Senior can develop a steely eyed winner take all when it comes to gracing the court.

Michael Jordan used to call it being in the zone, and for Stamps, that zone was close by this night. Terri most likely is the anchor of the team, and she takes this responsibility with great pride and modesty. Read on...


Second half success for the Blue Raiders mete's out stiffling offense and defense

Saturday, January 14, 2011 - - As it was, the Owls Basketball team were in the fighting spirit, and never the less, struggled to keep their hopes alive as MTSU was a little bit too much on the night.

Coach Jarvis mentioned that “We will meet them (MTSU) at least one more time, and possibly twice,” in hopes of evening or bettering the head-to-head contest. 

Scoring percentages were quite low for both teams, therefor your final of 67-54 was less than average for a winning contest. After the first half, the Owls were down a mere five points going into the locker room, and by the end of the second half, MTSU scored 39 to 31 for the Owls.

Coach Jarvis also mentioned that “we had a new offense going into the game, so we are just learning a new system”, hence the offense is being utilized without all it's requisite parts. Attendance was at 2,590 for the game, and the Burrow was rock'n this night.

With 10 points each coming from Shavar Richardson and Greg Gantt, the team scored an average of 31% from the field. MTSU's 53% from the field was better than FAU by 20% percentage points. 

Three players on the night for MTSU scored greater than 10 points. JT Sulton, Marcos Knight and LaRon Dendy scored 14, 12 and 11 respectively.

The number of rebounds from each Team was through the roof. MTSU grabbed 35 and FAU took 31. All 11 players from FAU had minutes during the game.

Unlike MTSU which put all their substitutes in with 55 seconds remaining, the Owls were short four players, and gave each player significant time.

If you look into the fishbowl of a basketball game at this level, giving minutes to everyone whets the appetite for more. This increases the desire of being given a chance for more playing time.

While the interview went on after the game in the Media Center, Coach Jarvis mentioned the measure indicative of flawless play. He said points off turnovers as one element of success. Read on...

Palm Beach Post

In Double overtime, the Owls and Ibis match-up in this tightly contested Duel

With a nuetral location at the Bank Atlantic Center in Broward County, Florida – the FAU Owls of Boca Raton and Hurricanes of Miami-Dade, saw that both combatants had their own crowd enforce.

To boot, FAU's own dance team were present for a special treat to those in attendance at the Bank Atlantic Center, in Sunrise, Florida. Read on...

Zimbio Images
FAU Owls Football last home game of 2011
Lady Owls score another victory over Bethune-Cookman University

November 20, 2011 - - FAU, led by Seniors Terri Stamps, (who was first to score in the game) and Viviana Penate with a little give and go, broke through on the offensive side of the ball in the early goings of the game.

Penate, quite the passing artist gave the fans a show with quick footwork, no look passes and behind the back dishes. Penate finished with nine points and went 4-6 from the field. Read on...

Lady Owls defeat Webber International by Double digits 

November 18, 2011 - - With the first quarter of the nights game underway, it was clear that the unstoppable offensive force of the Lady Owls were going to have their way even if they took the ball away with them.

With Brianna Turner on the bench due to injury, which may last throughout the season, a challenge for the Lady Owls in the Genesis of this 2011-2012 season is apparent. Read on...

Images from Shula Bowl 2011, FAU versus FIU at FIU
Game Day, November 5, 2011, FAU versus Arkansas State
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MTSU utilizes several options to solve the Owls puzzle 

With MTSU starting off the game with a return to the 39 yard line of the Owls, the momentum for the Blue Raiders went on, stacking up yards through lateral passes and rushes up the middle.

Play action for the fleet of foot during the first possession, with a final pass for a touchdown to Malcolm Billa, via Logan Kilgore for MTSU set the tone on the first possession.

The Owls Quarterback Graham Wilbert was good on several passes from the play action and in the flat, where he threw two for 25 yards to DeAndre Richardson. Read on...

A heartfelt thankyou goes out to all the Boca Raton Campus Police assited by the Palm Beach County Sherrifs office, helping hands and tireless efforts.

Record Crowd reaches capacity for FAU's inaugural game in Boca Raton

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, Florida Atlantic's new Stadium was unveiled for the 2011-2012 season.

On tap at home was a record first for the venue, with 29,310 fans, Students, Alumni, athletes and friends. The 30,000 seat capacity FAU Stadium was nearly full. Read On...

Review versus WKU and images from October 12th, 2011 practice
FAU versus the Hilltoppers in Boca Raton, Florida - 4PM game start at FAU Stadium
October 14, 2011 -- Defeating the Hilltoppers each of their last three meetings, the Owls have bragging rights in this matchup between two Sun-Belt foes. It might be of some interest to know that FAU Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger has an 8-0 win mark against WKU throughout his storied career.

With the new stadium being built, for which Schnellenberger had a big hand in, I'd bet giving in to the Hilltoppers who win on paper is not even in the minds of his players and staff. This game could be one of the most important ones this season. The Owls have played away in their last five games and they come home to the supportive raucous crowds and enightened fans.

Although the Hilltoppers are on record for top producing offensive artillery, their schedule has been quite different than the Owls this season. Most of the games this season for Schnellenbergers in flight Owls include matchups with Auburn, the University of Florida and Michigan State. All powerhouses to this nascent football program.

For the Hilltoppers, they have faced in Conference rivals Arkansas State and Middle Tennessee. They have also fought against Navy, the University of Kentucky and Indiana State. Just looking at the match-ups, we see that FAU has played a more rigourous schedule. Their is a school of though that teams play up to their competition if another School is superior. There is also another School of thought which states playing up can bring you down. For any situation, we will see the product of hard work and persistence. If the Owls push themselves, we can definetly hope for victory in this in conference competition. 


FAU finds itself back home after loss to the University of North Texas 

October 8, 2011 -- With the loss to the North Texas Mean Green, Florida Atlantic draws its record to 0-5 on the season and 0-2 in the Sun-Belt. Its not as if the Owls didn't put forth a complete effort, they scored two touchdowns alone in the fourth quarter.

It may have been the penalties which can leech the life and momentum out of a team. FAU had a total of 7 penalties for 52 yards, On the other side of the coin, North Texas was penalized only three times for a total of fifteen yards.

Based on yards alone, FAU tallied up 334 to the Mean Green's 237. Perhaps we should look to yet another number to indicate discrepancies. The discrepancy we may discuss at this point is the FAU Offensive and defensive lines.

Had the offensive line been able to hold off the impending rush, perhaps Graham Wilbert would not have been pressured to throw three interceptions. The Owls also fumbled for a loss once, as did UNT.

In the third quarter, Texas scored three touchdowns, and kicked a 52 yard three point field goal. Out of the three touchdowns scored in the third quarter, two were off of interceptions and the the other was off rushes in the red zone.

FAU next meets Western Kentucky at home. The new unavailing of the stadium will take place this Saturday, October 15, 2011 on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Football practice and Fan Fest for August 20th, 2011

Football: Spring game produces Offensive Win with five point margin

The spring game on 4/23/11 was especially exiting this year. With the new stadium being built and freshman joining the FAU family, enthusiastic fans were there to take it all in.

Damian Fortner and Travis Jones were at it again today with gains of 46 and 66 yards respectively. Find video on Fortner here (http://youtu.be/2K_c99BCHv0) and Jones here


Jones is especially difficult to tackle with his lithe body and quickness, much the way Marcus Allen was tough to bring down. Fortner possesses the Gold Standard   prototypical back build.

Tough to bring down with his bulky and sturdy presence on the field, Fortner will prove to be of great value for the team this coming season.

Fortner made an impact on the receiving end as well, going 2 for 38 in yards caught. Darian Williams excelled on the offensive side of the ball collecting 6 catches for 71 yards. Read more...


What's all the Buzz around Football, find some answers here

Gracious as they ever were, this Howard Schenellenberger led Football team since its inception in 2001 stands out amongst the hundred or so Division I College Football teams in the nation.


Today they build a 30,000 seat Football stadium which will reach further out into the future allowing the established University (c.1961) new and limitless growth (http://www.faustadium.com/). Read on...

FAU takes it to Miami, Florida Baseball 7-4
In perhaps one of the most significant wins for the FAU Owls in terms of morale this season was their victory over the University of Miami’s Baseball team on Tuesday the Seventeenth of May, 2011.


With a national rank of No. 17, the Hurricane team was not expecting the Owls to give them much of a go, after last years 0-2 sweep in Coral Gables. Read on...

Owl Pitching and hitting needed – in that order as the Cajuns down FAU 

Whereas the Owls of FAU used three pitchers, the ULL Cajuns utilized two. Strictly from a pitching standpoint, FAU did not have to go deep into its ranks to play this game.


This allows for reserves which are available for Sunday’s completion of the series in Louisiana-Lafayette. Joe Zimmermann was the winning pitcher for ULL with 5.1 innings pitched, and allowing for three hits and two strikeouts while facing 18 batters. Read On...

FAU Owls Baseball falls short in (2-1) a pitching duel at ULL 
Colby Gratton on a 1 for 2 batting effort on Friday, was responsible for the singular run in the third inning for the Owls. Like most teams who are more comfortable at home, pitcher Taylor Hubbell for ULL threw 5.0 innings with 5 strikeouts allowing 5 hits.


It goes without saying that the ULL defense was shored up on their part with only 1 error. FAU in turn collected two errors perhaps producing that extra run for the Rajun’ Cajuns. Read on...

Lady Owls gives way to Cowgirls of University of Wyoming

What may have been a nice matchup today between the University of Wyoming and FAU turned out to be a grueling struggle with the heat and every other day matches during this spring break 2011 for FAU.


FAU was no less represented by the best, but three players of note kept the team out on court to put a stamp on the “never give up attitude.” Read on...

Lady Owls convert the win with 4-3 score over the University of Massachusetts

One of the impressive days for the Lady Owls of FAU included Justine Humair. Winning both doubles and singles, she reached and crushed the ball through the air with emphasis versus the UMass Minutewomen.


True to her calling, Natasha Basma solidified her win for the team in a consistent and mannered way defeating Candyce Boney 6-0 and 6-4. Read on...


Owls fly past Southern Illinois in Boca Raton
March 9, 2011 -- It was a great day for the Owls of Florida Atlantic University at Patch Reef Park Tennis Center in Boca Raton, Florida today. A clean sweep over SIU, 7-0 was in the plan for this women’s cohesive unit.


Both teams, the Women and the Men each had convincing wins over the visitors of SIU – Edwardsville. The team of Erica Mrazkova and Natasha Basma scored an 8-2 victory over Southern Illinois University in doubles competition. Read on...

FAU Baseball has 6-0 win streak after Sunday’s sweep over Monmouth

March 6, 2011 -- Baseball’s Sunday sweep over Monmouth (2-4), who followed up with taking their talents to St. Boneventure’s in Western New York, may have had a hard time matching-up with the Owls over the weekend.


The Owls of FAU, now with a 9-3 record, with the last 6 games in a row won will next face the the Hokie’s of Virginia Tech on Tuesday the 8th of March. Read on...

Baseball’s Opening Day, a celebration of years past and Springing up a new Season

The Pride of Hofstra, and the Owls of Florida Atlantic looked upon this day to bring forth the proverbial “starting the season off on the right foot.”

It has come to pass that the Owls swept the best of three games with the Pride of Hofstra. Timely hitting, fielding and Coaching were all at the heart of these games. Read on...

FAU closes out the regular season with Championship title

Going into halftime, the Owls had a nine point lead. From there they never looked back and had no less than a 10 point lead for the rest of the game.

It didn’t hurt that FAU and their fans were absolutely tenacious on the boards as each fan went home getting their fill of primo entertainment. Read on...



Sands makes contributions in Play, fundraising and Instruction as FAU Golf Coach

Having the pleasure to speak with the Head Men’s Golf Coach Angelo Sands yesterday, I was able to see that teaching golf takes front and center in fielding the best team academically, intellectually and publicly.


In addition to the game of Golf, Sands makes his home Florida with family and friends. His wife, Patricia Liehr, is the associate dean for Nursing Research and Scholarship at FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. Read on...

Men's Basketball verse ULL for 02-12-2011

Owls: Pull out all the stops at the end of regulation to win over FIU

February 6, 2011 -- The calm, cool and collected Brett Royster who plays a leading roll for the Owls, found himself taking a front and center roll versus the cross county Golden Panthers of FIU Saturday night. Read on...

Vanessa Carlton video, a thousand miles featuring what looks to be a burrowing owl. Go OWLS!

FAU fighten’ Owls claim victory at home in Boca

January 4, 2011 - Five players scored in double figures for the Owls against the UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) this day. They were: Brett Royster (12), Kore White (22), Raymond Taylor (13), Greg Gantt (16), and Alex Tucker (14). Read on...

You Tube: Greg Gantt shootaround before game

Owls Basketball forms a cohesive unit; find themselves 6-0 in Sun-Belt Conference

1/15/2011 - All players got minutes in this contest for Coach Mike Jarvis and his staff, at E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Kentucky versus WKU on Saturday night. Read on... 

You Tube: FAU Basketball in triplicate

Owls rolling there way through Murfreesboro

1/13/2011 – The Owls have captured a 5-0 record in the Sun-Belt Conference versus Middle Tennessee State this evening. Tipoff was at the Murphy Center at 7pm. Read on...

You Tube: FAU relentless on offense and defense

From the Blustery tundra of the North comes Manhatten College
1/12/2011 - Last night was record breaking for Senior Forward Brett Royster. At 6’8” and 235 pounds, Royster just may have his presence felt at the next level. Royster collected four blocks this night, eclipsing the all-time Sun-Belt record held by Alan Ogg of UAB. Read More...

You Tube: Coach Jarvis discusses win over USF Basketball

Tipoff vs Manhatten
Owls face NAIA Manhattan College riding a three game win streak

January 11, 2011 - The Owls face the Jaspers of Manhattan College at 7pm tonight in the Burrow. The New York School takes its name from Brother Jasper of Mary, F.S.C., a 19th century clergyman. Manhattan comes into this game with an overall record of 2-13 this year, losing their last 13 games. 

The Jaspers have student-athletes from countries afar as Africa, France and Norway. The Jaspers are coached by Barry Rohrssen, who is in his fifth season at Manhattan.

The Coach Mike Jarvis Radio Show with Ken LaVicka, for Monday 1/10/2011
A full house gathered for the Mike Jarvis Radio show hosted by ESPN 760 and Ken LaVicka at Hooters of Boca Raton this night. (2240 NW 19th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33431.) Read on...

Weekly ESPN Radio 760 show with Coach Mike Jarvis and Ken LaVicka, broadcast at Hooters Boca Raton

January 31, 2011 -- Ken LaVicka started off the discussion with a few questions, fielded with great poise and understandability for Basketball and lay fans alike of Head Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Jarvis. Read on...

Chancellor Dugan reaches 300 win Milestone versus ASU
On this historic night versus Arkansas State, Chancellor Dugan sealed her 300th win in style with a Media chat and team celebration. Assistant Coach Shannon Litton also took part with the 300th win for the previous 15 years on Coach Dugan’s staff. Read on...

FAU finds itself atop the Division with a 4-0 record in the Sun-Belt Conference

The baskets were not dropping in the first half of play for FAU, and began to affect the second half as well. When asked, Coach Jarvis said, “When you are missing shots, you know that eventually their going to fall”, a message the Coach surely re-iterated to his team at half. Read on...

Florida Memorial comes to Palm Beach, gets sent home after a close loss
Production this night was spectacular with a combined 34 points off the bench. Knocking down another career night was Greg Gantt with 28 buckets. Read more...

Owls Basketball pull away early and often leaving USA too much to overcome

The distribution of team and individual scoring for the Owls was well balanced. The distribution of the basketball was also well accounted for with Raymond Taylor dishing out five assists. Read more...

Balancing the equasion, Owls Basketball give and take on the Road12/22/2010 - One team in the Big East (DePaul University) and the other in the Sun-Belt (FAU) put this clash front and center at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois this night. Read on...
Two points separated the winner and the loser versus ULM Warhawks Basketball
12/19/2010 - At Fant-Ewing Coliseum in Monroe, Louisiana, several factors were of concern for the Warhawks of the University of Louisiana. Read on...

Owls stopped versus Sienna at Times Union Center, Albany, NY

Although the Owls were just stopped this evening, the team may have taken away a measure of respect and dignity plus character by coming back from 15 points with 5:28 remaining in regulation. Read on...

Owls generating wins on Road, always ready and prepared
It was Greg Gantt, Raymond Taylor and Brett Royster who led the Owls to victory with seventeen, fourteen and ten points respectively. It appears that if FAU doesn’t produce numbers from their starters, they can always go to the bench.

Last season when the starters did not produce, their bench was void of more than three players. Coach Mike Jarvis only had 8 people to work with due to injury last season.

This years Owls present a brand new story, brand new players and a clear path of recruits and veterans. It’s just like Jarvis said last year, and he quotes, “Next year we’re going to have a stronger team, stronger bodies, as we will be prepared to go.” Read on...

Preview Hofstra (3 game win streak) versus FAU on Long Island, NY
With the week Layoff for the Owls, it’s a sure bet that they will be ready to upset their next foe. Although Hofstra may have larger numbers, you should take with you no doubt that an upset can be in the making. Read on... 

Owls defeat Big East USF Bulls Basketball
It would not be an exaggeration to say that USF was out of sorts for Coach Mike Jarvis’ game plan. In addition, the faithful would not allow their Owls to lose. The student body was well represented this night and further thanks were given by the Coaches and student athletes of the team for the support. Read on...

A discussion with Director of Athletics Craig Angelos of Florida Atlantic University

On a Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of talking with the Director of Athletics at Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Angelos mentioned that FAU has 18 sports, and 20 including Cheer and Dance. Read on...

Rivalry continues as the Owls play Troy this weekend at Lockhart Stadium 

This week ends game versus Troy can be an uphill battle for either team. It’s interesting to mention that most players on FAU and the Trojans are underclassman, which can be fruit full to a nascent team or veteran squad. Things can go either way here, so attention to detail is important. Read on...

Running backs Coach David Serna talks about team and depth in the backfield

Having had an opportunity to talk with Running backs Coach David Serna on Wednesday, much was gathered from this learning experience. Serna has been the Owls (RB) Coach since 2005. Read on...

FAU victorious to start the home game season versus Warner Southern
The two leading scorers for FAU versus Warner Southern this night were Greg Gaant and Dennis Mavin. For Mavin, starting your first official College game and coming away with 14 points is quite an accomplishment. Read More...


No-nonsense Football propels FAU to victory over the ULL Ragin Cajuns'
If not for the first quarter in which FAU scored two touchdowns, the Owls may have been on the losing end of this contest. And if it had not been for the Rajun Cajuns’ need for late game heroics – they may have gone on to overtime to decide this mash up. Read More...

A quick preview and post game analysis: ULL versus FAU Football on 11/12-13, 2010

Past history indicates a number of factors which go into a comparison of each one of these teams. FAU and ULL have played a number of times over the past several years. Read on...

FAU wins by 1 in Kentucky versus the Hilltoppers

November 6, 2010 - Two touchdowns and a field goal is all FAU needed to beat the Hill toppers of Western Kentucky University, an inter conference foe in the Sun-Belt. Read on...

Florida Atlantic up's their Shula Bowl record to 8-1 lifetime
As Florida Atlantic stepped onto the stage on Saturday (10-30-2010) for their 4 PM start, the Kings and Queens of homecoming preceded them with a strut onto the Lockhart Stadium grass to collect each one of three awards. Read on...

Shula Bowl 2010: FAU Owls vs FIU Golden Panthers
Head Baseball Coach John McCormack takes us through the off-season

Having the opportunity to speak with Coach McCormack this afternoon at practice was an enlightening look into this years FAU Baseball team. Read on...

Special Teams punter Mickey Groody a member of the Ray Guy watch list
You might say “who is Ray Guy?’ Well, Guy was one of the greatest punters who played his whole career for one team, the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis. Read On..

Preview 10’-11’: Asst Coach Brad Frick ushers in winning ways: 1 in a series of 3

Assistant Coach Brad Frick has been with the Owls since 2009, and arrived in Boca Raton with a Resume of winning ways. Read on...

Assistant Coach Matt Husky: Lady Owl Volleyball team wins
Assistant Coach Matt Huskey was participation in drills for the Lady Owls Volleyball team at FAU the other day, in preparation for the next match. Read on...

Ed Alexander, making an impact at FAU, both in Academia and College Football
As a walk-on in 07’, Alexander not only made the team – but earned a Scholarship. He plays DB (defensive back) and is a Redshirt Senior for the 2010 season. Read on...

David Muniz; through Orlando brings the Magic to Boca Raton
Sept. 21, 2010 - Coming by way of Mickey's and Minnie's place, David Muniz played high school ball (a three-sport athlete) at Lyman High in Longwood, 10 miles up the road from Orlando. Read More...

Ross Gornall: Where raising a child takes a village, (see) role models are important
Sept. 09, 2010 - We were a little perplexed where to start here. Should we discuss his performance strictly on the field or talk about Gornall’s youth? Both are compelling stories, both shall follow. Read on...

Game 1: FAU Football scores a victory over UAB in Alabama
Sept. 3, 2010 - The difference in favor of the Owls @FAU in game one of the 2010 season was one point. The (UAB) University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers fell, 32-31 in Alabama. Read on...


FAU vs Regional foes

Friday, June 4, 2010 - - With the challenge before them, the FAU Owls made the trek north to Gainesville for the NCAA Regional Championships. Read More...

Back by popular Demand, the preview of "Lessons in Leadership" . You may find it helpful or inspirational in your quest for solving your Leadership goals. In addition, the information contained in this text is a work in progress. Read on...
Owls Baseball fly past the Eagles in Ft. Myers

April 20, 2010 -- Some wins come easy, some wins make you work & some wins just mean you showed up more than the next guy. Which was the case for FAU on Tuesday? Read on...

Owls Baseball clinches regular season #1 vs. FIU
May 22, 2009 -- With the victory today, the Owls of Florida Atlantic University
(33-20, 21-9 Sun-Belt) take 2 of 3 from the Golden Panthers of FIU (31-22, 17-13 Sun Belt). Read on...

Players Run onto field after clinching Title
FAU Baseball nets win versus visiting Lynn
The Fighting Knights of Lynn University (2009 NCAA Div.II Baseball Champions), in Boca Raton, is a mere two miles up the road from the FAU Campus and Baseball Stadium. Read More...

Owls take two game sweep versus “Big Red”
With its second victory in this sweep, Florida Atlantic collected two wins for the record books in this Ivy League/Sun-Belt Conference match-up. Read More...

FAU Sports, a historical perspective
Florida Atlantic University
here first broke ground in 1961 on a piece of land of 850 acres in the east region of Boca Raton, Florida. Having campuses dotting the South Florida landscape, FAU first broke a satellite campus in Broward County in 1971. Read On... 

Head Grounds Crewman
Coach Mike Jarvis and FAU at Boston's on the Beach with Ken Lavicka and ESPN
The Sports Page Radio here broadcast, featuring FAU Head Basketball Coach Mike Jarvis and ESPN 760 /FAU’s own Ken Lavicka started promptly at 6 PM on Monday, March 15th, 2010. Read On...

Owl’s take away two of three from Troy in Alabama
On Friday, March 12th, 2010 - - FAU here took one of their two games to the bank after a score of 13-8. Game two was equally as impressive when the Owl’s pulled off a 5-4 victory in the 11th inning. Read on...

Owl’s Baseball takes series from Boston College

3/7/10 - After hitting a Homerun in the second game of this three game series, FAU’s first baseman Dan Scheffler doubled up his Homerun production with two more today. Read More...

Troy Trojan Baseball Preview vs. Owls In Alabama
3/12/10 - Troy Trojan Baseball is played home at Riddle Pace Field, in Troy, Alabama. (c. 1931) Named for Chase Riddle who was skipper from 1979-1990, The Coach collected five conference titles and two D-II National Championships. Read More...